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 The Launch of LLI Ministry and Cafe Outreach

From the day our family of seven people (now ten in tow) was sent from New Jersey to Pilot Mountain, NC, we sought to stay as close to the Spirit's leading to critically discern His heart for the Pilot Mountain area.  The story of Abraham greatly encouraged us to hang in and trust in His guiding Hand (Gen.12.1) in the crazy early days.  Not knowing anything about cafe ministry or the food industry, we prayed and prayed for Spirit of Christ to send a great revival to the area, and at the same time provide us with the ability to make a great cafe model to draw our neighbors in. Through the course of the first year in Pilot Mountain, the L-rd confirmed His Word to us and made a way for our family to open Livin Lattes Cafe.
Since opening Livin Lattes Cafe in 2006 our lives have been drastically changed. We developed a new ear, to be more careful to listen, in the process we allowed the Spirit of G-d direct us as He pleased (Ex.23:20-33).  My wife and I poured everything we had to be obedient to Him and to acheive the goal of "positive change" in the small community of Pilot Mountain.  As of Feb 2014 we are in the planning stages of returning back to Pilot Mountain. We believe the land is ripe for revival.
Livin Lattes was developed, we believe, straight from the heart of G-d to connect people in our challenging times. 
We believe that the Livin Lattes model will work anywhere in the world where G-d's people are placed to reach their local community with the message of Christ's love.  We believe a cafe provides a perfect setting to meet people and start building dynamic relationships and hopefully in time a church family is gathered by God grace.  Because it is natural way of connecting with people, we avoid the awkwardness of dragging people to a setting where a cuture, not truth, makes a connection with Christ unnecessarily difficult. 
We believe you will feel the Spirit's touch on this vision and we hope we can join together in the days to come to truly bring change to North America, "one community at a time!"






Don't you believe that it's time...


to take back the streets for Jesus?


What drives us today is the answer to this simple question.


What would the apostle Paul do today with our powerful technology that

enables us to connect so quickly with people all over the world? 



To answer this question biblically all we have to do is...


Die to our selfish desire to be our own boss! 


Take up our cross and follow Jesus! 


Let the Spirit of Christ show us our assignment and base of operation!


Continually obey His Commandment to Love Him and His People



Connect with the Lord's method to accomplish His Purposes! 

LLI Fellowship Mission & Vision

Livin Lattes International (LLI) Fellowship was formed to meet the spiritual needs of communities all across North America.  In order to foster hope and new direction for repressed areas, we believe a LLI Fellowhip sponsered cafe located strategically in target community is the most effective method to bring life and hope to the local community.  
The outer shell of the LLI Vision is a retail for profit establishment.  The retail side of vision, Livin Lattes Cafe, offers high quality coffees, cold and hot espresso drinks, fruit smoothies, baked goods, gourmet sandwiches, and great entertainment.  The product offerings must be of a high quality and priced within the purchase power of local economy.
Naturally in a small community the idea of bringing people together around a cup of coffee opens the door for conversations and through these conversational connections, in due time, positive change is introduced to the community.  Areas that are positively effected are:  Unity among businesses, unity among local churches, gathering of business leaders to promote town vision, families brought together, and old grudges and divisions are put away by God's powerful grace. 
The desired experience of a Livin Lattes Cafe is to present a sense of warmth and homey-ness.  In other words, we seek to present a very comfortable "living room" on Main Street.  The experience, look, and feel will change from community to community depending on location, culture of town, and type of building we prayerfully choose for the Livin Lattes Cafe setting. Location must meet the business requirements of income potential and high visibility.
LLI Fellowship and its spiritual leadership believe that prayer, preaching of the gospel, positive example, and the training of Jesus-based disciples provides the greatest impact for change in any community.  We start by establishing a faith-filled intercession for town leadership, law enforcement, teachers and schools, churches, families, and the local economy, in doing so we fulfill the Law of Love set forth by our Saviour.  As faithful heralds of His message and ambassadors of the Great Commission, we are called to gather Christ's sheep and then to guide them to serve Christ in the way of their gifting. 
As a church emerges, hopefully all members of the body serve to bring Christ's vision for the community to fruition.  All aspects of life whether on the business side or ministry side of vision are important and must function in harmony under the guidence of the Holy Spirit.
Gathering God's people together -- one on one -- or large groups  




LLI Fellowship is...
whatever needs to be done to gather the Lord's People