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Cold Blended Specials @ Livin Lattes Cafe

The Iced Pilot - lots chocolate, espresso, and other good stuff
#1 fan favorite

East Surry Dreamsicle - strawberry delight w/ lots of whipped Cream

Chilly Mt Caramel - vanilla and caramel perfectly blended

Frosted Mint Mocha - chocolate & frosted mint... uuum

Orange Creamsicle - your childhood popscicle

Raspberry White Chocolate - sweet & refreshing

Non-Coffee Shakes

Double Fudge - double the chocolate fun

Vanilla Bean - creamy sweet vanilla shake

Strawberry Cream - a very smooth strawberry shake

White Chocolate - so creamy and delightful

Chocolate Raspberry - full of chocolate and raspberry
 Prices range $3.25 - $5.50


Livin Lattes Favs

Caramel - thick creamy caramel

Mocha - loaded with creamy milk chocolate

Vanilla Fudge - people just love it!

Mint Mocha - It's your favorite ice cream cone

White Chocolate Cinnamon - Just try it!

White Chocolate Raspberry - Best in the morning

Black & White - white & dark chocolate perfection

Butterscotch Cream Latte - so very smooth

 sm. $3.30  lg. $4.25 






Natural Fruit Smoothies 
Strawberry Sensation
Strawberry Banana
Peachy Keen
  Pina Colada  
Wild Berry Delight
Mango Fusion
 Banana Bliss  
sm.  $3.40  lg.  $4.35 

Blended Coffee Shakes
Vanilla (No Sugar Added)

Mocha (No Sugar Added)

Cappuccino  (avail in Decaf) 
Double Mocha Java

Caramel Mocha

Cookies & Cream

Peanut Butter

Mint Chip

Java Chip

Coffee Toffee
sm. $3.45  lg. $4.35

  No matter what's on the menu
 we will match our latte or frappe
to YOUR individual taste!!