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Original Location - Main Street Pilot Mtn, NC


Main street means center of town  
"even our kids helped us to reach our neighbors with fruit smoothies"


Living Room on Main Street


The Lord has sovereignly led us back to the East Coast.
We continue to dream of a time when our family can begin again to serve Him thru LLC. As we wait upon the Lord to see His vision in us work all the way to it's completion. Meanwhile visit our blog site where Jonathan shares the many lessons learned in his struggle to obey the Voice of God for him and his family. 

Good Morning America visits the Keeners in Pilot Moutain, NC

Livin Lattes Cafe


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The Livin Lattes Cafe Experience


As you stroll along your favorite part of downtown where ever, you notice a new shop opening.  What first meets your eye is the sense of new life but also you sense a nostalgia of an older and timeless place of gathering.  You notice a multi-colored awning overshadowing a tall classically designed wooden door with antique brass handle.  


As your eyes enjoy scanning this scene, something inside of you irresistibly suggests,"come in, sit down, and enjoy some peace."


Outside the cafe is an area to sit and look around, dotted with small round tables with two chairs that suggest intimate conversations with friends and family.  Your eyes see and your body longs to sit down, relax, and gaze at our quaint environment saturated in the idea of...  


"life the way it should be!"


As you look around the cafe you spot books lying on a shelf with a soft, comfortable chair nearby, paintings of outdoor scenery are interspersed throughout cafe, a more intimate area with couches and end tables also catches your eye.  Comfortable booths line a wall and tables chairs dot the middle of the cafe and subtlely suggest...


 "Come, bring your family and your friends here". 


At first glance you see an attractive drink bar where custom latte and frappe orders are cheerfully served. The olfactory senses suggest... well...coffee! 


Your ears are touched with warm sound of contemporary Christian music playing softly in the background, so that in every way this place suggests...


sit down, take a load off and unwind.


Live music is offered on Friday and Saturday nights to gather young and old around the timeless value of live music.  Tapping into the proven and trusted reality that music was created for the purpose enriching the value of community.


Young and old musicians are given an opportunity to display their talents and musical gifts to their peers. Locals and local artists may bring their sounds to the street.  Those entertainers that are gifted communicators of truth and self expression, are able to openly share their values in a friendly environment.